CBD Body Balm 500mg (3oz)

CBD Body Balm 500mg (3oz)


PRANA PRINCIPLE™ CBD Body Balm uses natural botanicals and broad spectrum hemp oil to heal, hydrate, and moisten cracked and dry skin.

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Ingredients: Beeswax, MCT Oil (medium chain triglycerides), Lavender Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil

Directions: Directions: Apply thin layer over affected areas. For external use only.



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What is the big deal with lavender in skin products?

Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce irritated skin and redness.
Fun Fact: Lavender is also a natural insect repellent!

What can MCT oil do for my skin?

MCT oil contains healthy fatty acids, antioxidants, and antibacterial properties. It also provides a lightweight to your skin.

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